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Kelbrick Coir Peat


Block 30cm X 30cm X 15 cm
Compression 5 : 1
Expansion 1 : 5
EC 0.05 d s/m
PH 6.0 to 7.0
Moisture <20%
N <0.02%
P2O5 <0.5%
Appearance Brownish with approx 10% of cut fiber
Weight 5 Kg (±5%)

The best combination of organic & natural substrate

Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are made of scientifically decomposed Coconut pith. It is 100% Organic Manure and is an eco-friendly soil conditioner. It has appreciable quantities of NPK and micronutrients.

Kelpeat Plus is a combination of a natural substrate Perlite and established organic manure - Kelpeat. Both are ideally suited for potted plant, Home gardens, Seed Germination. rooting etc.,

Primium Quality Coirpith Block

  • Kelbrick,  a premium quality  coirpith block,  made from low sodium coirpith, which is cleaned and  sieved  by special  techniques  before  briqueting into 5 kg blocks.
  • Kelbrick,  is free from  weeds  and pathogen and has accepted  pH and EC  valuesThe blocks are also free from toxic  elements.


  • It improves water holding capacity upto 500% by weight
  • Soil erosion can be reduced by regular application of Kelpeat
  • It helps to retain chemical fertilizers in the plant root zone for a longer period
  • It reduces watering frequency in garden crops. It increases soil respiration and helps plants to develop strong and healthy root systems.
  • It improves microbial activities in the soil. Kelpeat Plus helps in breaking up of hard and compacted soil rendering it suitable for growth, giving plant fife a long lasting effect. It aids irrigation of new soil structure
  • It eleminates the need for top soil It also helps in neutralising PH of acidic / saline soils.
  • Kelbrick, has the following features for luxuriant plantgrowth.
  • Improves  sooil structures
  • Eliminates soil crushing  and compacting
  • Reduces waering fresquency.
  • Free from weeds and pathogens.
  • Neutral Medium.
  • Improves microbial activities in the soil.
  • 100% Eco -friendly organic growing media Contains natural nutrients .
  • Improves water holding capacity while maintaining  porosity.


  • Sed Germination
  • Rooting Media
  • Potting Mix
  • Floriculture
  • New Laws
  • Vegetable Cultivation
  • Home Garden
  • Dry Land agricultural
  • Plantations
  • Forestry
  • Potting Mix
  • Hanging pots
  • Flower beds
  • Vegetable beds
  • land scaping
  • Lawn
  • Floriculture
  • Roof garden
  • Musroom growing


  • Break the brick into small pieces.
  • Add 20-30 liter of water
  • Output of peal will be 70-80 liters.

GERMINATION OF SEEDS : Fill the seed tray with Kelpeat plus to a depth of about 50 mm and sow the seeds. Spread a thin layer of Kelpeat plus and cover the seeds. Expose the seedlings to mild sunlight after germination. Transplant when the seedlings are ready.

ROOTING OF CUTTINGS : Prepare a mix of 1part of Kelpeat plus and 3 parts of soil or 1 part of Ke!peat and 1 part of soil and fill this at in a container. Place the cuttings and water. Remove the cutting after rooting and plant it in the ground.


  • 1 PART OF Kelpeat plus +3 parts of soil
  • 1 part of Kelpeat + 1 part of soil

NEW LAWNS : Prepare the soil by raking , remove weeds, spread Kelpeat plus(2-3Kgs for 1Sq.M). Tranplant and water.

FLORICULTURAL : Mix 2 parts of kelpeat plus with 1 part of soil and 1 part of sand. This mixtures is to be spread on the raised beds. Transplant the cutting/ seedling and water.


  • Kelpeat applied to teak seedlings @ 2.5 kgs per seedling have grown upto 30 feet tall in two years.
  • Kelpeat applied to dry land crops like Ground Nut, Sorghum gave 15-20% better yield.
  • Applying 2.5 kgs of Kelpeat per plant per year has shown better performance in Rubusta Coffee.
  • In case of Kelnut and Areacanut applying 2.5 kgs per plant has given 20-25% more yield.

Physical Propertise:
Bulk Density : 350 to 400Kgs per Cu.Mtr
Water holding capacity Upto 500% by weight

Chemical Propertise:

  • Major Nutrients
  • Nitrogen 1.4%
  • Phosphorus 1.4%
  • Potash 1.4%

Minor Nutrients

  • Calcium 4.00%
  • Magnesium 0.70%
  • Sulphur 1.00%
  • Iron 0.09%
  • Manganese 20.10ppm
  • Zinc 15.80pm
  • Copper 6.2ppm


  • ph 6.5 to 7
  • EC 0.50m.mhos
  • Moisture 60-7-%
  • Cellulose 15.00%
  • Lignin 10.00%
  • C.N.ratio 25:1


  • Kelpeat is an Organic Manure prepared from natural material and variation in the properties is expected.
  • Kelpeat is not a fertilizer though it contains small percentage of major and micro nutrients.
  • Kelpeat or Kelpeat Plus should be used for hardening of tissue culture plantlets only on a selective basis.

Packing : Available in 25 Kgs in HDPE woven sacks.

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