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Soilrite Mix Soil Conditioner


Form & Color Coarse Granules - White in color
Bulk Density 120-150 Kgs Per cu. m.
Particle Size 90% between 4.75 mm - 0.150 mm
Hardness MOHS 5.5
pH Natural
Free moisture 0.5% Max

Soilrite mix is a  mixture of horizonticulture grade  Perlite, Irish Peat Moss and Vermiculite.(1/3:1/3/1:3)


  • Container growing
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Landscaping & Interior Scapes
  • Plant Tissue Cultures
  • Potted plants
  • Seed Germination
  • Plant Propagation
  • Rooting
  • Laws/Turf Conditioning
  • Golf Greens
  • Porpagating media for grape rootstock


  • Lightweight and easy to move containers
  • Reduces nutrient requirement due to less leaching effect.
  • Reduce watering frequency.
  • Repotting only after 2 years.
  • Separate sterilization not required.

Usage Instruction:

  • For Potted Plants: Mix the soil with soilrite mix in the following proportion.
  • Red Soil : 1part soilrite  mix +3 parts soil
  • Clay Soil : 1 part soilrite mix +2 parts soil
  • Sandy Soil : 1 part soilrite mix +1 part soil

Repotting : with soilrite mix repotting needs to   be done only once in 2 years . Loosen soil to a depth of 6 inch. Mix soil and soilrite  mix in above mentioned proptionws. Then wet the soil.

For Flowering Beds : Dig planting pockets 15 cm larger than the root cluster, place plant and fill pocket with soilrite mix. The wet the soil.

Reconditioning : With soilrite mix, reconditioning needs to be done only once 2 years. Follw the same procedure  recommended for flowering beds.

Packing : Solritye Mix-  25 Kgs in PP woven sacks 1 kg pack.

Soilrite MIX-TC : Soilrite mix -TC is a mixture of horticu8ltural grade perlite  and Irish Peat Moss specially  made for tissue culture applications in laboratories and green houses for vegetative multiplication under dises  free conditions.

Packing :

  • Soilrite Miox-Tix  -25 Kgs in PP woven sacks.
  • Soilrite Mix-TC is a sterile media free from pathogens and weeds.


  • Hardening of tissue culture plants
  • Roooting media
  • Germination of seeds
  • Clonal Propagation of Forest Trees
  • Rooming & Cuttings
  • Soil Amending or Soil C onditoning.
  • Seed Germination
  • Strong Bulbs and Roots Crops.

Perlite is a alumino-silicate of volcanic origin, which when crushed and heated rapidly expands to form a white light weight stable aggregate, possessing a closed cellular structure, water is retained only on aggregate surface and in pore spaces between aggregates,the result is a well drained light weight media, easy to handle and transport. The aggregate have good structural integrity and do not break down when utilised as a propogating media or in planting mixes. The development of a near ideal structural conditions in growing and propogating media is made possible by the following characterstics of Horticultural grade perlite.


  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Moisture and nutrients made readily availabale to plsants
  • Sterile - Weed and disease free
  • Inogration - does no9t deteriote
  • pH essential neutral 6.5 to 7.0
  • Insulator - reduces extreme soil tempretaure fluctuations .

Packing : Soilrite - C -M 10Kgs in PP woven sacks.

Vermiculite : Vermiculite is a memeber of the phyllosilicate group of minewrals , resembling mica in apearance. It is found in various patrs of the words, which has the remarkable abilityt to expand to jmany times its original volume  when heated---a property knows as exfoliations. The pH  of Vermiculite is essenrtial neutral.

Vermiculite has the excellent property of improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture and nutrients necessary to feeds roots, cutting, and seeds for faster growth.

It is found as a  best clonal propogations of improving media for the forest specialls like Eucalytptus, Teak, Bamboo, Acacia etc.

Packing : Available in PP woven bhags of 10Kgs net weight

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